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Company Profile
Established in 1995, SCB Securities Co., Ltd. (SCBS) operates a securities business and offers financial products and services to institutional investors and retail investors in the capital market. The company is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank PLC, one of the most well-established financial institutions in Thailand.

SCBS is one of Thailand's leading securities companies, winning the trust of investors for over 14 years, and benefits from its extensive experience, dedicated team of professionals, and full support from SCB. SCB aims to become Thailand's premier universal bank and has Thailand's largest market capitalization of 289 billion baht, with almost 1,000 local and overseas branches*.

This successful track record reflects the potential and dedication of SCBS to deliver the best customized solutions to its clients. For its next step, the company remains committed to serving as a service channel investors and issuers can count on to bridge opportunities to success while playing a part as a key driver for the sustainable growth of the Thai capital market.

* Data provided as of September 2009

February 1995
SCBS was established with registered capital of 100 million baht. The companys objective was to take over the securities operations of Thai Thamrong Finance and Securities Co Ltd., which were transferred to the company following the Finance Ministrys decree to separate finance and securities businesses. SCBS increased its registered capital to 250 million baht, and subsequently to 330 million baht within the same year.

December 1998
In 1995, SCB began the gradual acquisition of SCBS shares from Thai Thamrong Finance Co. Ltd., culminating in 99.99% shareholding in 1998.

August 1999
SCB strengthened SCBSs operations by increasing its registered capital to 1.53 billion baht in September, 1999. In October 1999, following the restructuring of the SCB group of companies, the securities business, staff, and brokerage license number 23 held by SCB Bookclub Securities were transferred to SCBS.

October 2002
SCBS began expanding its brokerage business by opening the first branches in Bangkok and upcountry areas.

September 2003
The SCB Group announced its goal of becoming a full-service universal banking group. As a result, SCBS became responsible for all investment banking-related businesses of the SCB Group.

January 2004
SCBS was authorized to further increase its registered capital to 5 billion baht in order to realize its goals of offering a complete range of fully-integrated investment banking services and revamping the organization for sustainable growth.

April 2005
SCB Securities Company Limited set up SCB Quant Asset Management Company Limited (SCBQ) with a 100%-owned stake. SCBQ was granted a license by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide private fund management service to Thai and foreign investors, including individual, corporate, financial institute, and foreign funds.

February 2006
SCBS established a Derivative Agent Department, which was granted permission by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide services for investors interested in alternative investments in the Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX).

June 2007
SCBS established an economic research group to undertake macroeconomic analysis. The group will complement the equity research group in supporting the company's international and local clients.

September 2009
As part of its policy to restructure the business of its group, Siam Commercial Bank assigned the Capital Markets Division, and the Corporate Banking Division 2, to assume investment banking business in place of SCBS. It enables the company to focus on providing an entire range of securities and derivatives trading, equity offering, and securities underwriting services.

Distinction & Award

IFR Award: Asia - Pacific Project Finance Loan (for Ratchaburi IPO deal)

IFR Award : Thailand Capital Markets Deal (for PTT IPO deal)

Finance Asia Award: Best IPO -Petroleum Authority Of Thailand ($ 726 million)

Asiamoney Award: Best Local Brokerage in Thailand

The Asset Asian Awards : Best IPO - Thai Oil US$788 Million

Asiamoney Award: Best Domestic Equity House in Thailand

Finance Asia Award: Best Broker in Thailand

Finance Asia Award : Best investment Bank in Thailand

Alpha Southeast Asia : Best Investment Bank in Thailand,
Best Equity House in Thailand,
Best Broker in Thailand Best Broker in Thail

Alpha Southeast Asia : Best Investment Bank in Thailand

Asiamoney Award : Polls of the polls - Best Domestic Brokerage House

Organization Chart
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Board of Directors
Mr. Yokporn Tantisawetrat
Ms. Sutharntip Phisitbumtoon
Mr. Arthid Nanthawithaya
M.L.Thongmakut Thongyai
Mr. Kaitchai Pullsuppasit
Management Committee
M.L.Thongmakut Thongyai Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Kawin Sangvichien Deputy Managing Director
Ms. Benjamas Deevee Assistant Managing Director

Executives Team
Executive Office & Corporate Affairs
M.L.Thongmakut Thongyai Chief Executive Officer
Compliance and Audit Department
Mrs. Wimon Lovichit Senior Vice President
Credit Risk Management Department
Mr. Songpol Sittison Vice President
Corporate Finance Department
Mr. Manpong Senanarong Managing Director
Capital Markets Department
Ms. Veena Lertnimitr Vice President
Equities Group
- Managing Director
Private Wealth Consultancy Department
Mr. Kawin Sangvichien Deputy Managing Director
Local Institution Department
Mrs. Sud-anong Techaphichetwanit Vice President
Foreign Institution Department
- Assistant Managing Director
Derivatives Agent Department
Ms.Srisakarn Jirabovornpongsa Vice President
Sales/Marketing Department
Mrs. Boontip Kritchaikul Vice President
Ms. Benchawan Padipatvuthikul Vice President
Mr. Supanat Panyasupasate Deputy Vice President
E-Business Department
Mr. Ruangsak Sriwatthanah Vice President
Research Group
Ms. Yupharet Likitsansuk Vice President
Corporate Services Group
Ms. Benjamas Deevee Assistant Managing Director
Operations and Settlements Department
Mr. Somchart Jirarujirake Vice President
Accounting & Finance Department
Ms. Suree Amnuaychoatsakul Assistant Vice President
Information Technology Department
Mrs.Pilantana Kamolvarin Senior Vice President
Human Resources Department
Ms. Laddawan Kulprasert Vice President

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